Back to school Haul!

So it’s that time of year again…almost…for back to school shopping. Sure, I’m not in high school anymore, but just because I’m in college doesn’t mean that I can’t buy some super cute school supplies too!


This is defiantly not everything I need, but it’s some of the stuff I’ve collected over the past week.


This super cute hello kitty backpack was a steal for only 12 dollars. How Could I resist the adorable colors on this thing?!


This has got to be the best watch on the planet, not only because of the colors, but the fact that it flashes all different colors when you press the side button. It’s like a party on my wrist! Love Love Love it!


And of course you can’t go to class without good note taking material. I couldn’t resist cupcakes and icecream cones. Sugary goodness! (and maybe a class distraction?)


Let’s face it. I’m always loosing my writing utensils. It never fails! So in attempt to prevent that this semester, I bought tons of pens and pencils, along with a cute hello kitty storage case. Don’t you just long the shiny gold pencils?


I use sticky notes a lot for school. I use them as bookmarks to save my page in textbooks, write notes, and reminders. The possibilities are endless. MUST HAVE ITEM!


Here is all my stuff all stacked up once again 🙂


Last but not least, is this awesome neon pink transparent handbag. I’m really loving this. I probably don’t really need this for school, but I needed and excuse to buy it. It would work perfect on rainy days when you don’t want your stuff wet though! 🙂

Well happy back to school shopping!!


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