10 ways to spice up your style

Sometimes I have those kind of days where I feel kind of plain. I hate feeling plain, it’s probably the worst feeling in the world. I believe we are all created to be unique and beautiful in our own ways.

Here I organized a list of 10 ways I personally spice up my style. My style may seem weird, or even childish to some people, but it’s just who I am. Of course you can modify my tips and turn it into your own kind of style to make it more fun and fitting. Have fun lovelies!

1. Lots and Lots of “different” shoes

I love shoes. I’ve yet to find a girl who isn’t completely obsessed with buying them. When looking for my next pair of shoes, I look for unique factors. Does the color pop? Will they catch peoples attention? Have I seen anyone wearing them? I try my best to avoid shoes I see people wearing all the time. I hate following lame trends just to fit in. I love shoes with bright colors, sparkles, or weird designs. The best part is they are usually cheep too!


2. Add a little sparkle!

Everyone wants to feel sparkly and happy, so what is better than a little body shimmer to add some sparkle to your day. I wear this quite often actually. I feel in love with with at a very young age due to my obsession with shiny things. It’s sort of a mood lifter for me. Perfect for a trip to the mall, or a nice evening out.


3. Wear interesting jewelry

What fascinates you? Do you like butterflies? Cats? Perhaps even hearts? Try to find pieces of jewelry that have things that interest you in real life. It something that’s sure to get conversation going. Plus it brings out your personality. I’m in in love with pigs, hearts, and colors. I’m proud to display who I am.


4. Be bold with nail polish

It’s a great way to make outfits look completed, and brightly colored nail polishes often make your seem young, energetic, and just darn right fun! Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly bubbly, I add glitter, polka dots, or even pain all my nails different colors.


5. Choose unique bags

You will never find me wearing COACH or any other “popular” brand of purses. They are boring and everyone wears them. To stand apart from other people I find bags that interest my personal uses. I bought the top purse because the aqua tint happened to be my favorite color. I bought the fox purse because I love animals, and I bought the little black and white purse because I love bows and it was perfect for my dresses.


6. Decorate your hair!

It’s amazing how a cute little bow can add so much pzazz to an outfit. I personally don’t hair how childish my hair accessories are. If I deem it cute, I wear it!


7. Never leave your lips naked

I love love love lipsticks, but if your not a lipstick gal, try lip gloss, or even tinted lip balm (I strongly recommend baby lips from maybelline) Moisturized lips are beautiful lips! If your feeling brave, try some of my favorite bright colored lipsticks. My favorite pigments are Dollhouse Pink by wet and wild and a lavender tint that I bought from the dollar store. Don’t fall for those dumb commercial adds. Cheap lipsticks work awesome too!


8. Bling out your ears!

Don’t be afraid to wear big earrings. Find some pretty sparkling ones like I have down below, or even find some cute dangly ones. Earrings are the best assesories out there. Don’t hesitate to mix things up!


9.  Wear Nerdy Glasses OR Sunglasses!

I love glasses in general. I have a huge collection of them. These nerdy hello kitty glasses are by far my favorite, and I get compliments on them all the time. Honestly I just like to bring my nerd side out every once in awhile.


10. Add some color!

I’m not saying to smear your face with makeup but your can still have lots of fun with colors without making your self look like a bratz doll. Try blending together various colors like pink and blue, or black and white for smoky looks. Just have some fun with it!


What are some of your style tips?


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