Our Anniversary (In Photos)

Yesterday June 28,2012, Gabriel and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Although we didn’t go all out this year, we still had a very enjoyable day together. When he came home from work I surprised him with a few gifts. I love making everything super colorful. Yup it’s a birthday bag, I couldn’t find plain bag big enough to fit his gifts in. (I’ve had bad luck with gift bags lately).


Of course Brandon (our 3 year old son) insisted we buy him a balloon for the special day. So we made a special trip to the store to get one.


If you know me well, then you definatly know I love to add lots of personality to cards. I jazzed this one out with instax mini poloroid style photos of myself, oh and I used markers too, lots of em! Please excuse the photo quality, this photo was taken with instagram.


After Gabriel opened my gifts he surprised me with this beautiful heart felt card. It was so touching. We even wrote the same phrases in each of cards. I guess after being married for this long we kinda finish each others sentences right? CUTE!


The card wasn’t the only beautiful thing he surprised me with. This gift took me by utter surprise. A James Avery ring. Don’t I have the best husband ever? I totally love it, and everything it stands for.


Surely the ring and the card would of been perfect but he went the extra mile and bought me “Gorgeous” perfume from Victoria’s Secret. (He knew I always wanted a perfume with a little squeeze pump.)


And last but not least, he won my heart all over again with this adorable (huge eyed) Piggy!


After the exchange of gifts (and watching Harry Potter movies while waiting for the Texas heat to subdue) our little family (Gabriel, Brandon, and myself) went out to eat at the Cracker Barrel to celebrate. We both had the meatloaf. It was pure heaven.


After a Delicious meal and lots of laughs we walked around the shopping center enjoying this beautiful sunset! Such a whimsical night. We couldn’t have been be happier.


We got married at the young age of 17, and four amazing years later he still has my heart. Sure sometimes he gets on my nerves, but I couldn’t have picked a better man. Happy 4 years my love and many many more to come!



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