5 easy DIY Ideas from pintrest

Who doesn’t love pintrest? I could spend hours browsing through all the amazing stuff on that site. I’m officially declaring Fridays “Pintresting Friday” here on my blog. Today wanted to share with you 10 of my favorite DIY crafts I found on pintrest. Perhaps you can make them along with me. Let’s have some Pinteresting fun!

#1 Bottle Vases

 These are so simple to make. Using any plastic bottle from your recycle, spray paint them any color you wish.

#2 His and Hers Mugs

Did you know that coloring on a mug with a sharpie marker, then baking the mug for 30 mins in the oven will make it permanent? Perfect gift idea!

#3 Earring display frame

I’m exited to try this. I have so many earrings and displaying them would be awesome!

#4 Sand Candles

I think these give a romanticly cute glow. It makes me feel relaxed just looking at them! I love how easy it is to make too.

#5 Bird nest necklace

I’ve actually already made these before using copper wire. I get so many compliments on it too. So easy and fun to make! All you need is some wire, a few beads, needle nose plires, and a chain.

Well that concludes my Pinteresting Friday! Hope you all enjoyed!


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