A glimpse into my room

Today is another super special day to my husband and myself. It’s our four year wedding anniversary!! I’m so excited to celebrate this day with him. We aren’t planning anything to crazy. We are simple people so a nice dinner will be perfect for us. All the “Love” however has gotten me into a cute loving mood, so naturally I was inspired to take a few photos of some cute stuff in my bedroom so share with you guys. I’ll definatly be doing a blog about our special day later though! Until then, enjoy some of my cute stuff 🙂

This puppy right here is my favorite candle holder. I found it at ROSS for only 3.99. The best part about it is that at night when you light it, it turns a transparent purplish color. It’s quite whimsical!


This is a book I simply turned into a necklace holder. It was so simple and fun to make. Did I metion that It holds hair clips too? Yes this is probably the cutest invention ever. I purchased this book from a thrift store for only a dollar, drilled some cheap knobs in it from walmart and took some free paint swatches from lowes. I LOVE it!


Another awesome find from ROSS. This is my cupcake bluey (That’s what I call these things). This one pretty much speaks for its self. It’s pink with cupcakes, who wouldn’t want one? oh and its sooooo soft!


Once you get to know me, you’ll find that I’m totally in love with pigs. Seriously, i’ve lost count of all the piggy items I own. Well these where originally egg holders, but I found they make way cuter false tea light holders.


And last but not least my miss piggy pez candy dispenser! My mom bought if for me a few days ago. I think it fits perfectly in my bedroom 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of cute stuff in my bedroom. I’ll be sure to do another post like this soon. Happy Thursday lovelies!


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