A super good day.

Waking up today I had a feeling it was going to be a pretty awesome day. My mom and I had plans to meet for breakfast at Wendy’s for (my favorite fast food breakfast) a morning melt panini. Shortly after sitting down and receiving our food, a man with a planet fitness shirt walked up to our table. Politely he addressed us and simply stated that he received fifty Wendy’s coupons in his mailbox yesterday by mistake and he wanted to know if we wanted one. “Sure thing!” I said quickly grabbing the paper. “Thank you so much sir.”  He nodded and walked back to his small table where his breakfast awaited him. “That was really nice.” I whispered to my mom. Slowly I looked over the cupons and noticed a VIP card on the back. I peeled it off and read it. FREE COFFEE OF YOUR CHOICE. VANILLA ICED, ORIGINAL READHEAD, OR MOCHA ROASTER.“No freaking way!” I said exitedly to my mom. “I loveeeee iced coffee!” I couldn’t believe my luck, God must have been watching out for me today. It was the best vanilla iced coffee i’ve ever tasted too!

After finishing our Delicious breakfast (and coffee) we drove over to ROSS dress for less. I happened to find an amazingly cute little scarf on sale for only $1. I couldn’t resist! I through it into my basket without hesitation (even though this 100 degree texas weather isn’t the best time to buy scarfs). I figured it would be perfect for fall. As soon as I moved to the next isle, I found some even cuter pink flats with little bows on them. Once again I couldn’t resist. I payed only $14 for the shoes.

Next stop we went to the dollar stores up the street from my moms house. There I found my favorite shade of lipstick ($1), 2 cute hello kitty hair bows ($1.49 ea.), A hair tie with a bow on in ($1), and one of my favorites, a hello kitty travel tooth brush (ONLY 99 CENTS)


All together my purchases came out under $25 dollars. I just love bargain shopping! I’m so thankful for such a blessed day today. It couldn’t have been any better!


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